Monday, 1 March 2010

LPA Welcomes New Member Daniel Moncur-Sime

LPA would like to welcome Daniel Moncur-Sime as its newest member! A highly creative and exciting photographer who specialises in creating dynamic fashion and beauty photography is currently working on a variety of personal and client projects.

The latest exciting fashion shoot was working with international beauty, glamour and pinup model Sabrina Lerna. She came to him requesting help with developing her portfolio and posing techniques to become more of a ‘main street’ fashion model. Travelling a couple of hundred miles for his skills and expertise, it was fitted in just before her latest trip back to the USA.

Technically a real challenge, Daniel spent a lot of time and energy directing the new posing techniques and form, because for Sabrina it was something that didn’t quite come naturally at first. But at the end of the day’s shoot there were several dynamic and exciting new photography artworks to choose from.

And the images can be seen on Daniel’s gallery at the LPA website and on his website

To know more about how Daniel works with his models and brings out the best, get in contact through his website or email
Don’t forget he is available to model agencies, directly to models and either in studio or location across the country.

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