Friday, 29 January 2010

Elene Usdin Femmes D’Interieur Photographs and Illustrations

Femmes D’Interieur
Elene Usdin
Photographs and Illustrations
February 18 – March 27, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 18, from 6-8PM

The Farmani Gallery presents the New York debut of Femmes D’Interieur, the latest series from Paris based artist Elene Usdin, with an opening reception on Thursday, February 18, 2010 from 6-8PM.

In this series, Usdin combines both her talents of photography and illustration and creates stunning imagery that also provides social commentary regarding the place of women as the decorations within their own domesticated situations.

Usdin, a member of the creative collective Hartland Villa, which includes art directors Lionel Avignon and Stefan Vivies, was recently awarded with the London Photographic Associations Gold in Fashion for the “fair-etale” series. She has also been awarded the 2008 Px3 Prix De La Photographie Paris and the International Photography Awards honorable mention for her earlier series “Self Portrait with Mattress.” Her editorial and fashion work can also be seen in Eyemazing, Twill, and The World Magazine.

This latest series “Femmes D’Interieur,” which as already exhibited at the Gallery of Graphic Arts in Paris, Usdin reflects upon the representation of women as a decorative element, morphing objects like common household items, furniture, and even the countryside with that of women painted in the style of portraits from the Classical Era. This offbeat reinterpretation of “woman-as-object” is at one time unsettling and yet Usdin has the ability to convey this strong subject matter with wit and charm in her stunning artworks. It is has been said of Usdin’s work, “it is always about women – the women of fairytales, of mythology, and of fantasy,” and she provides that same ideology in this series.

Each artwork is a unique original, hand painted C-print mounted on aluminum. For the exhibition the gallery will show a mix of originals and reproductions available in two sizes. For more information please visit or email us at We can also be reached via phone at 718-578-4478.

The Farmani Gallery is located at 111 Front St., Ste. 212, Brooklyn, NY in the DUMBO neighborhood between Washington and Adams St. By subway take A or C to High St., F to York St. or 2 and 3 to Clark St. Station. Gallery hours: Wed. – Sat.: 1 – 6PM. Information: or or ph# 718-578-4

Elene Usdin's LPA Portfolio

Suzanne Rochette At Soho Gallery New York

Suzanne Rochette has, for the second year in a row had one of her images selected to be part of the Soho Photo Gallery Krappy Kamera exhibition. The image was made with a Polaroid Pinhole toy camera, then followed by emulsion lift on Vellum .

The Krappy Kamera concept was born in 1992 at the Soho Photo Gallery® during a regular monthly opening reception when a few members admitted they preferred using their junky cameras to their high-end ones.

The opening reception is on March 2nd, and the show will run until April 3rd. There will be 50 images on display, chosen from over 1000 entries. Informations can be found at

Suzanne Rochette: LPA Portfolio

Monday, 25 January 2010

Photographers Social Networking The LPA Way

Social networking the LPA way: member benefits

We work hard to communicate news about the LPA and our members far and wide. Benefits of being part of the LPA website include social media marketing through social networking sites, business networking sites, social bookmarking sites, video sharing sites, photo sharing sites, a forum and blog. These expose you - our members - to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. 

Membership of the LPA includes the opportunity to be part of extensive and online publicity. This can tie in with individual members' exhibitions, gallery openings, competition wins and special events. We can help generate online PR with the press by maintaining relationships with multi-media journalists, bloggers and publications.

Did you know that the LPA has:
- a Facebook page
- a Twitter feed
- a LinkedIn page
- a blog

Take a look at them, link to them and interact with them. Help us grow and you'll help yourself grow!
Photography by Karon Kapoor

Sunday, 24 January 2010

London Photographers Flat For Rent

LPA member Astrid Schulz is off photographing in Kolkata for 4 weeks and would like to rent her flat out while she is away.

When: between 07 March 2010 and April 2010
What: cosy one bedroom flat
Where: Central London, near Warren Street Tube
How much: £160 per week inc. bills (telephone not included)
Will also charge a refundable deposit of £500

Everybody who is interested and wants more info, please send an e-mail ( or call UK no: 07947 155 611 or 0044 20 7388 2162

Saturday, 23 January 2010

LPA Photographers Socialial Networking For Members

Exclusive: the LPA is the first online photography and film association with social media marketing and online PR

The London Photographic Association is proud to announce that it has become the first online photography and film membership organisation to offer social media marketing and PR to its members. We're working with Ginger Media and Entertainment to provide members with the best possible opportunities in social media marketing and online PR - at no extra cost.

Ginger Media and Entertainment represents the new school of public relations and PR and their expertise can really help you as individual members. The company is renowned as one of the leading social media marketing and digital PR companies in the USA and UK. It combines online PR, social media marketing and SEO with traditional methods of publicity and event organising.

Ginger Media and Entertainment’s owner, Ginger Liu, has one of the largest networks in the entertainment, media and art industries and has been interviewed on US radio thanks to her definitive role in social media marketing. Her combined experiences as a London-educated photographer, film and media professional and Hollywood-based social media marketing director make her a key influence in the PR world.

Our partnership with Ginger is unique for a photography and film membership association and is another demonstration of our forward-thinking dedication to raising the profiles of our members. Please help us make a success of this venture by keeping your online profiles full and updated, letting us know what you're up to (no story is too small - after all, Twitter communicates in just 140 characters!) and linking to the LPA whenever you can.

Follow us on Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin

Photography by: Estelle Dougier

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Inaugural Meeting Of The LPA Members Group

Putting London into the London Photographic Association (LPA)

We spoke with a lot of LPA members at Vision '09 and the DPI events last year to get their feedback about the future of the London Photographic Association. One overriding request was to refocus our attention on London photographers (whilst continuing to support and promote our international members). With that in mind, we'd like to arrange regular meetings in London to brainstorm and action the future of the LPA.

Members' meetings in London
We propose using our first meeting on Wednesday 3rd February to bring our ideas together. Let's air our hopes and fears and see if we can agree on the future of the LPA and the purpose of future meetings. This is your chance to shape the Association and play an active part in steering the industry. Through these get-togethers, we should be able to work out a support structure that covers both commercial and fine art photographers.

Some ideas for consideration:
- getting speakers from various parts of the industry to come in and talk to us about hot topics
- arranging technical workshops
- securing good discounts for external workshops

Get involved
I would like to get some membership help: perhaps we should look to form a committee to help drive things forward? For our meetings to work well and be genuinely useful, we will need members to get involved. You are the Association, after all.

Put the date in your diary
We have booked the upstairs room (with bar) at the Dog & Duck pub 18 Bateman Street Soho W1D 3AJ on the evening of Wednesday 3rd February from 7.00pm onwards. This will be the inaugural meeting of the LPA members group. Will you be there?

Please email Kevin if you can make it.

Photography by: Faisal Almalki

Monday, 18 January 2010

Photographers Copyright Petition - Please Sign!!!!!

Please take the time to read this and sign the petition.

We call on the Government to abandon plans, announced on 29 October 2009, to allow free and unhindered reproduction of photographs without payment or credit on non-commercial websites.

This is completely at odds with the Government's stance on file sharing of other forms of intellectual property (films and music) and raises the prospect of crippling thousands of small businesses while protecting large corporate interests.

The proposal uses phrases like "It must be seen to benefit all parties, not some at the expense of others" and yet the Government's proposal does exactly that. It takes the work of photographers who have invested time and money in creating work, and gives it to people who have no relationship with that work, for free.

Photographic businesses are already under severe strain and the proliferation of digital cameras gives the impression that creating professional quality imagery is easy. This will further devalue the work of professional photographers and destroy the photographic industry.


Photography by: Luis Sanchez Martin - Fine art prints sold at Gallery 1839

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Travel Photographer Philip Lee Harvey in Haiti

“Travel photography isn’t always about tourism and filling hotel rooms. It’s also about informing people”, says Philip Lee Harvey. He travelled to Haiti with his assistant on a commission for a travel magazine and feels that it is important to show the character of this fascinating and misunderstood country. “Haiti is largely forgotten by the rest of the world,” he explains. ”Economically and strategically, it is not important to anyone else. However, it has a powerful colonial history which has left a legacy of beautiful hotels which could provide the infrastructure for a new wave of sustainable tourism. At present, tourists tend to visit Haiti as a stop-off on Caribbean cruises. They drop anchor and visit an area of beach which, unseen to them, is fenced off from the rest of the island. Elected islanders come to greet them and offer a ‘traditional Haitian’ welcome but the tourists don’t see the fence and certainly don’t see the island – and islanders – which are beyond. They leave with no clue as to Haiti’s true identity or issues.”

More of - Philips work, photographs of Haiti, additional Haiti text.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sukey Parnell Speaks at the Welcome Collection

Aging Matters

Sukey Parnell has been invited speak at the Wellcome Collection on 11th February on the representation of ageing. The event is at 7:00-8:30pm.

What would have seemed very old 100 years ago is clearly not regarded the same way today. How have our perceptions of older people changed and how do we compare with other cultures and societies? We will look at visual representations of older people in the arts and media and also discuss whether our perceptions of older men and women vary.


Stephen Burke, Chief Executive, Counsel and Care
Chris Phillipson, Professor of Applied Social Studies and Social Gerontology, University of Keele
Sukey Parnell, photographer

This event is free.
Booking will open on Thursday 21 January 2010 at 14.00.


by Sukey Parnell b. 1961

Sukey Parnell at the National Portrait Gallery London

LPA member Suki Parnell's picture of Bill Bailey (above) is the Photograph of the Month at the National Portrait Gallery and will be on view from 4th January in the People of Today section on the ground floor.

Bill Bailey b. 1964
by Sukey Parnell b. 1961
C-type print, 24 April 2008
Photographed at the sitter’s home, Hammersmith, London, with Jacob (the cockatoo) and Becks (the chameleon).
Given by the photographer, 2009
NPG x133115

Comedian, musician, actor. Bill Bailey’s solo comedy career started in 1995, with Cosmic Jam which earned him a Perrier award nomination at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has toured internationally with Bewilderness (2001) and Part Troll (2003). Bailey is best known for his TV work in the series Black Books (2000–2004) and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. In December 2009 Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra toured nationwide including a performance at The O2 arena, London.

Sukey Parnell graduated with an MA in Photography from Thames Valley University in 2007. Since then, her editorial commissions have included work for the Independent on Sunday, Sunday Magazine and Radio Times. Parnell was a finalist in the 2006 and 2007 National Portrait Gallery Photographic Portrait Prize.