Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Rimini Beach Series

LPA member Beatrice Haverich is showing a selection of her RIMINI Beach series at the Brighton Media Centre Foyer in Middle street as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial Photo Fringe, 03.10.08 - 16.11.08

Brighton Photo Biennial

Brighton Photo Biennial

Brighton Photo Biennial is an ambitious celebration of international photographic practice and a firmly established event in the national and international photographic calendar.

Brighton Photo Biennial is committed to stimulating critical debate on photography in all its forms: new and historic, digital and analogue, still and moving. Bringing together known and unknown bodies of work, new commissions and previously unseen images, BPB aims to reach the widest possible audience.

BPB runs a continuous Education Programme that is active during and between Biennials, creating grass roots projects with local communities, artists and individuals.

Photography as a Weapon

By Errol Morris
You have your fear, which might become reality;
and then you have Godzilla, who is reality.
— from the movie “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”

As almost everyone knows by now, various major daily newspaper published, on July 10, a photograph of four Iranian missiles streaking heavenward; then Little Green Footballs (significantly, a blog and not a daily newspaper) provided evidence that the photograph had been faked. Later, many of those same papers published a Whitman’s sampler of retractions and apologies. For me it raised a series of questions about images.[1] Do they provide illustration of a text or an idea of evidence of some underlying reality or both? And if they are evidence, don’t we have to know that the evidence is reliable, that it can be trusted? Full article and comments on the New York Times Blog. Very interesting and you can comment.
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Boing Boing’s contest entry. (boingboing.net, submitted by THEBLUEONE)