Thursday, 24 July 2008

Payback time !!!!!!

Photography by George Kavanagh

DACS - the Design and Artists Copyright Society - is the UK's copyright and collecting society for artists and visual creators. They exist to promote and protect the copyright and related rights of artists and visual creators.

Payback 2008 has now launched

Last year DACS paid over 12,500 artists and visual creators a share of £3 million. This year make sure you're one of them!
Payback is the annual service from DACS which pays artists, photographers, illustrators and all other visual creators (and their heirs and beneficiaries) a share of collective licensing revenue for secondary uses of their works, Secondary uses include photocopying an existing reproduction of a work in a book or magazine, or making a video of a television broadcast in which artistic works appear, for use as an educational resource in a school, college or university. Payback is available to all visual creators and not just those who are members of DACS. If you represent visual creators as an agent or picture library, you may be able to claim on their behalf, too.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Gallery 1839

Photography by Philip Lee Harvey

Gallery 1839 is an online gallery promoting and selling the work of international contemporary fine art photographers and artists. We are delighted to introduce you to some of the most exciting emerging talent through to internationally established practitioners.

Documentary - My Back Yard 4

Photography competition - call for entry closes 25th September

This is the fourth year of our documentary competition which is open to all, both UK and overseas photographers. An exhibition of the winners and finalist images will be held at Calumet gallery space London starting with a Private view on the19th November 2008.
All of our competitions can be entered either as single image or a series of up to six images.
A series means that the images must be related - have a narrative running through them. A series can be between two and up to six images, please don't make the mistake of padding out a series of say four really good pictures with an additional one or two images just for luck.

The Brief

My back yard …. the good , the bad and the down right ugly.

What do you consider to be your back yard? Your block? Your neighbourhood? Your town or city? The more expansive of you might even consider it to be the planet we inhabit. Whichever way you look at it, your back yard is a very personal space – ideal subject matter for the documentary photographer. This is an opportunity to comment on the people and places that are important to you, a chance to introduce us to the society, sights, secrets that are very special to your own back yard.