Sunday, 14 March 2010

Did Daniel Moncur-Sime really pull off a fashion shoot in the middle of a Bhangra music Video?!

Short answer – Yes! As always trying to do something different!

The quick details
Client: Virk Films International, when: Friday 5th March, where: Green screen studio, Birmingham University,

Commissioned by Jazz Virk (Virk Films,, international award winning music video and film director and producer who has previously produced ground breaking videos for celebrity stars Nelly Furtado, Jazzy B, Basement Jaxx is working with established music producer Simon Nandhra, to produce the video for his latest single release ‘Wherever you go, Bhangra will be there’.

Jazz was very happy to finally work with Daniel – having already kept Daniel’s creative fashion photography on his Iphone as reference and influences. Interestingly, part of the commission was to recreate one of the looks that Daniel’s creative team had devised and produced on one of his previous fashion shoots!

Setting up a mini studio within the green screen studio, Daniel worked with makeup artist and close friend Arpita Karania ( , turning the multitude of professional dancers and models into icons of beauty! Anyone who was privy to the shooting was immersed in a fairground of creative excitement, with lights flashing off, cast and crew buzzing, and everyone could feel the heated excitement of the day!

The music video tells the story of the singer journeying from the stars to Earth searching for his dream soul mate. On the journey he discovers all most desirable sexy androids and beautiful women. At the end he realises the female hologram companion on his star ship is really the one, bringing her to real existence.

The photos produced are being used as embedded windowed stills in the video and in the promotional literature. The release of the video is set to be around April 2010.

It was all very exciting stuff, new friends were made and even the international models Kimberley Thomson (, Tia Magno (, Colleen Deary ( asking how soon can we work together again, even for just for the photos – a real rare treat!

Just the sort of positive feedback we all need!

To contact Daniel for your new photography project please call 07890 530130, or email , to view his exciting portfolio visit or at the LPA website

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