Thursday, 26 May 2011

Astrid Schulz Invites You To The: Guernsey Photography Festival

INVITATION: Guernsey Photography Festival 
From 01.06 - 31.06.11

Group show and digital image installation 'Over the Hill'
by Tim Andrews

Tim Andrew’s project ‘Over the Hill’ is now traveling globally. Firstly to the 2nd Guernsey Photography Festival, where Tim’s images are on display alongside exhibitions and lectures by renowned international photographers.

Astrid’s contribution to this compelling project is her image 'Wanted', which is depicting Tim's love for acting, cinema visits and his childhood dream of being a cowboy...

Festival opening event: Wednesday, 1 June 2011, 6pm - 8pm,
at Guernsey's Market Square

Guernsey exhibition venue: The Rotunda, Royal Avenue, St Peter Port
Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm
Admission: Free

And secondly: as a result of the Impact Art Fair, a small selection of the project has been invited to a festival in Berlin: Long Night of Pictures (2 July 2011, from 4pm – midnight). The images will be exhibited until 12 July 2011.

Opening event: Saturday, 2 July 2011, 5pm - 8pm
Berlin venue: Allee-Center (Einkaufszentrum), Landsberger Allee, 13055 Alt-Hohenschönhausen, Germany.
Opening times: Monday - Saturday, 9am - 8pm

To find out more about this project, please visit Tim's blog 'Over the Hill'

With best wishes,

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What Constitutes A 'Limited Edition' Set Of Photographs?

Limited Edition? Are you sure?
What do you think constitutes  a 'limited edition' set of photographs? 
Is it the image or the print sizes?

We think it should be the' image' that is being sold in a 'limited edition'.

At Gallery 1839, edition sizes always refer to the total number of prints of any size available from that image e.g if the edition size is 15 and that number is indicated against each of the available sizes, only 15 prints in 'total' will be printed regardless of the sizes of prints ordered.

We are very happy to work with photographers who have editions in other galleries or are personally selling the same prints but we will only sell those pictures as 'open editions'.

We feel that gaining the trust of buyers / collectors is imperative and as we all know, gaining a reputation is not something that happens overnight.

More importantly if we want 'photography' to be taken seriously as a 'collectable' which I am sure we all do, the 'limited edition' has to trusted.

Gallery 1839 is part of the London Photographic Association 

Photography by Karan Kapoor Goan Brothers

Kevin O'Connor - LPA