Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Paul Ryan interviews Director & Photographer M.T. Adler

Ginger - here is an out take of the interview we held with M.T. Adler last Friday. This is the first of a series of interviews we intend to produce featuring LPA movingPicture members - we will also offer this as an add on to our marketing and PR platform.

We had so much fun doing this, partly due to Paul and Marisol getting so well. Marisol is such an interesting artist and we are going to have a tough time editing down the footage. Our production team consisted of,
David Edmunds, Creative Director LPA movingPictures: on Mike
Paul Ryan, writer & interviewer:
Tony Campbell, cameraman and editor:
Laura Stark, location:
And me of course taking the dodgy out takes.

We hope to have this edited and ready for publishing in about two weeks time,

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