Monday, 31 May 2010

The Death Of Commercial Photography

The Death Of Commercial Photography

For those of you who follow the LPA you will know that I have been talking about the convergence of stills and moving images for some years now.

Having been around in commercial photography for a while I have witnessed the following 'deaths', or at least 'close calls'.

'death of the glass negative'
'death of black & white'
'death of dye transfer printing & retouching'
'death of the presentation slide'
'death of the pre computer photographic creative industry'
'death of the transparency for reproduction'
'death of E6'
'death of film period'
and arriving next week…. 'death of photography'

The death of commercial photography is a very contentious point and open to lively debate, but this is roughly how the industry has changed over the last forty years.

My point is that things have never stood still in photography. However, the rate at which our practice is now changing (due to the electronics industry) is frighteningly fast and one should be mindful not to get left behind.

We have interviewed two of our long standing LPA members who are working with moving pictures and I hope that photographers reading the interviews will take a positive view of the way forward.

Robert Dowling
Award-winning photographer Robert Dowling has been working in moving images since 1976, producing commercials, documentary and self-generated film. He gives his advice on getting ahead in an
industry on the up……. more

Philip Lee Harvey
Award winning travel photographer Philip Lee Harvey started to produce video four years ago.
"My prediction for the future of the industry is that photographers will be missing out if they don't offer moving images," Philip says."….more

Kevin O'Connor
Director LPA

Photography by Darren Hepburn - Title: Near the edge

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