Wednesday, 19 May 2010

London Photographic Association Awards -The Nude

The Nude - Competition Results

The subject of our latest competition - The Nude - is one which has a long history within art and photography. As we said in the brief for the competition, history has seen all sorts of bodies appear as nudes in photographic work.

A good image of a nude needs to offer us something new, by experimenting with a specific idea about imaging the human body.

We hoped asking photographers to use the nude body as a subject would fire the imagination, encouraging them to go beyond familiar ideas to create something compelling and perhaps even fun. 
Here are the winners' along with links to their winning work, portfolios and interviews.

Series Category

Polly Penrose - Gold - Interview

Jorge A R Gamboa - Silver - Interview

Vanessa Alami - Bronze - Interview

Single Image Category

Jorge Retana Madrid - Gold - Interview

Ginger Liu - Silver - Interview

Jayne Dennis - Bronze - Interview

With thanks to Sue Golden and David Edmunds for judging this competition.

Galleries of single and series winners and commended photographers.

Photograph by: Jorge Retana Madrid- Gold

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