Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Inaugural Meeting Of The LPA Members Group

Putting London into the London Photographic Association (LPA)

We spoke with a lot of LPA members at Vision '09 and the DPI events last year to get their feedback about the future of the London Photographic Association. One overriding request was to refocus our attention on London photographers (whilst continuing to support and promote our international members). With that in mind, we'd like to arrange regular meetings in London to brainstorm and action the future of the LPA.

Members' meetings in London
We propose using our first meeting on Wednesday 3rd February to bring our ideas together. Let's air our hopes and fears and see if we can agree on the future of the LPA and the purpose of future meetings. This is your chance to shape the Association and play an active part in steering the industry. Through these get-togethers, we should be able to work out a support structure that covers both commercial and fine art photographers.

Some ideas for consideration:
- getting speakers from various parts of the industry to come in and talk to us about hot topics
- arranging technical workshops
- securing good discounts for external workshops

Get involved
I would like to get some membership help: perhaps we should look to form a committee to help drive things forward? For our meetings to work well and be genuinely useful, we will need members to get involved. You are the Association, after all.

Put the date in your diary
We have booked the upstairs room (with bar) at the Dog & Duck pub 18 Bateman Street Soho W1D 3AJ on the evening of Wednesday 3rd February from 7.00pm onwards. This will be the inaugural meeting of the LPA members group. Will you be there?

Please email Kevin if you can make it.

Photography by: Faisal Almalki

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