Sunday, 1 April 2012

Alicia Light Bronze Winner Of LPA Portraiture Competition

Bronze Winner
Bronze in the series category of Let's Face It: 8 went to Alicia Light, with her series exploring how people react to new environments, such as hotels or holiday homes. "I had the idea knocking about in my portfolio, but not the images," she told us. "A competition deadline can give you focus and an impetus to try out an idea, get it out there and have it judged."

Portraiture is a comparatively new venture for Alicia, who first used self portraiture in her application portfolio for the LCC. She immediately felt it was something she wanted to do more of, and explore ways of doing differently.  She explained the thought-process behind her love of the genre. "I have always loved acting and dressing up as other people, but I wanted the series to have a social commentary to it," she said, "looking at celebrity and identity.  At college, I'd heard the term 'post human' used to describe the time in which we are living.

Thinking about it, there does seem to be a fragmenting process going on, and nowhere is this writ larger than in celebrity culture.  If everyone is able to 'be someone', the outcome is an existential shift whereby no-one is anyone.  Everyone is everyone again.  Except I screw it again by doing all of the poses myself - so everyone is me, really.  I guess the series is about how life is ultimately a hall of mirrors."

Alicia is currently studying for a Masters in Photography at LLC, and her background is in writing music for television. She is actively seeking commissions, collaborations and ideas which can be developed into projects.

An avid bloggers, Alicia makes good use of social media, with a website which showcases her work, a photography blog which acts as a holding place for ideas and a craft blog where she promote her other creative projects. "I am still very much at the beginning, learning my trade at the LLC" she said, "The course is demanding, intensive and exciting and I look forward to getting the most out of it.  I would like exhibit, but that's not a closed ambition.  At the moment I'm very much exploring potentialities and getting to know new people."

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