Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Mexican Photographer Guido Torres Takes 1st Place At IPA

LPA's Mexican Photographer Guido Torres has won a 1st place and 11 honourable mentions at the 2010 International Photography Awards. His 1st place award on the "nature / sunset" category was given to a striking image of the sun over Manhattan and the Honourable Mentions to images within the fine art and architecture categories.

Torres's main subject are People and Architecture and any situation that comes between. Guido says both are eternally linked and this, in terms of photography, gives you endless possibilities.

Recently Guido had an exhibition of large scale photographs depicting Michel Rojkind's selected projects at the Czech Technical University in Prague and is currently working on a series of images about Mexico's bicentenary that will soon be uploaded to hi LPA profile.

All of Guido's winning images can be seen at his LPA profile:

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