Thursday, 15 April 2010

Daniel Moncur-Sime saves fashion Shoot

Daniel Moncur-Sime saves fashion cover photoshoot for Viva magazine

Sunday 18th March, 7.30pm, mother's day - a call comes in from the editor of Viva magazine, Rebecca Legon. "Can you save a Fusion cover and editorial photoshoot tomorrow ?".

At Tropical World, Leeds, a whole creative team had been booked by Viva magazine for the fashion cover shoot of their premier issue of their re-branded look.

But the photographer from London pulled out at the very last minute,this meant the makeup artist who was traveling with the photographer also canceled!

'Dan can you take over?' My answer was indeed, a resounding yes! A re-jig of Monday's office work freed up the Monday and so I hit the long road for a 4 hour drive to Leeds. And to top it off I found a replacement makeup artist too!

Arriving in the morning at Tropical World Leeds I met Rebecca and found the creative team in full swing, all the models being made up by Adam Bryant the hair stylist and Laurra Cotterall the makeup artist. Having a quick creative meeting and general wreckie of the various scenes, we quickly decided on the best way to get the most dramatic imagery.

An incredible location, Tropical World was a walk through maze of different exotic indoor landscapes in a giant biosphere. From jungle to desert, waterfalls and rock walls the models, Katie, Marina and Luke, settled into the scenes and brought the clothes and accessories to life! Together with the striking makeup they brought a strong presence and we created series of eye-catching and incredible imagery.

It turned out wonderfully well, a whole set of story-telling photography - fashion in the jungle! Rebecca was thrilled that the day had worked out so smoothly, even if we did have to twist the park ranger's arm to allow us to stay past our allowed time!

All that remained was the 4 hour drive back to the studio, the upload of the images for selection of the photos to be edited for the editorial feature story. And by the end of the week, the photos Viva wanted to use had be fully edited and at the end of the week were on the editor's desk. Great job done!

To top it off this was a bonus photoshoot for me with Viva; I am booked with by them to do a separate shoot for inclusion in the same issue. So now, it's a double whammy two features of fantastic fashion story.

This next shoot is set for 19th April, in the wilderness of Chorlton-cum-Hardy's parklands! More on that fresh exciting creative shoot later!

The Viva rebranded premier issue is out at the beginning of May, in time for summer.

Daniel Moncur-Sime’s photography can be seen at and at the London Photographic Association website. He can be contact on 07890 530 130 and email

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