Thursday, 4 February 2010

Will Wilkinsonʼs ‘Sex, Drugs, Arturo’ The Exhibition

‘Sex, Drugs, Arturo’

Photographer, Will Wilkinsonʼs latest exhibition entitled Sex, Drugs, Arturo captures the eccentric life of an English Artist working high in the Tramuntana mountains of Mallorca, far away from his background of North London.

Wilkinsonʼs bold work is the result of a 2 year collaboration with a man who is not only a great artist in his own right, but an open and charismatic person, who is happy to share his life and work in detail.

The exhibition paints a warm and vivid portrait using striking photography, video installation, poetry and live storytelling.

ʻSex, Drugs, Arturoʼ

The Apartment 9 Palace Court London W2 4LP
Exhibition 26th February - 31st March
tel. Patrick Brillet 07984 420 743 or Isabelle May 07990 508 181

Will Wilkinsonʼs LPA Portfolio

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