Wednesday, 15 June 2011

40 Years & More In The Taking - A Retrospective Of John Thornton

   40 Years & More In The Taking
A Retrospective Of  Photographic Images
John Thornton

This retrospective of John Thornton's advertising and personal work is really worth seeing , a mixture of humour and good old fashioned 'ideas' jump off the walls at you. I was particularly impressed with the quality of printing, especially the B/W silver bromides made by  Mr Bell.

You can read the very amusing 'History Of John Thornton' on the LPA website along with The Provenance Of 300 Voyers one of his most celebrated images.

There are numerous other stories about John Thornton, and where he came from, some claim he was found as a baby floating on a bamboo raft off Australia, and was brought up by aborigines, and they taught him photography, all we know that his images are truly unique. Don’t miss them at his retrospective in Soho, London in June.  

Reading Room 
65 - 66 Frith Street Soho London SW1D 3JR                                                                                 
6 June - 15th July

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