Thursday, 6 January 2011

LPA Diary Dates for early 2011

Here are some important dates for the first quarter of 2011

You will see that we are running a competition on the LPA movingPicture website for Best Usage of Music in Production. This is open to photographers as well as film / video makers, this is an ideal platform to show off your multi media talents. If you have any questions please ask.

Please note that we have three very interesting judges for our portraiture awards to whom I am very grateful. This is an oportunity to get your work in front of them, and a chance for them to find new talent.                                         

Nick Alcock 'Worlds'
Private view on Thursday 27th January 2011 at the Assembly Rooms Soho.
Exhibition runs until 28th February 2011
Nick won gold in our urbanscape competition with a single image from this series.

Let's Face It 7 portraiture awards winners and finalists private view 31st March 2011 at the Assembly Rooms Soho. Exhibition is supported by a catalogue - runs until 30th April 2011.

Let's Face It 7 the portrait competition Entry closes 31st January 2011 - exhibition and catalogue - ENTRY DETAILS HERE

Confirmed Judges
Francine Holdgate Head of BBC Pictures TV Music and BBC Radio.
Alex Robinson Deputy Picture Editor on the New Zealand Herald, the country’s biggest daily newspaper.
Nick Hall Picture Editor at the Independent.

Still Life 5  entry opens on the 10th January. The LPA is delighted to honour this long tradition. We encourage both classic styles and new ideas which may stretch the notion of 'Still Life Photography'. Entry closes Wednesday 6th April 2011

LPA movingPictures Awards For Best Usage of Music in Production - ENTRY DETAILS HERE
Closing date for entries 31st March 2011

Final chapters of our interview with David Graham Scott, are now online - 4. Detox or die 5. Integrity & authorship 6. Exploitation & 'Dirty Digger'. David is a controversial Glasgow-based documentary filmmaker and inspirational public speaker on drug addiction. His highly authored films are unique visions of the world he inhabits and the offbeat characters he encounters.

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