Thursday, 3 December 2009

Astrid Schulz Photography invites you on .......

Saturday, 12 December, 3-4pm!

I'm organising a candlelight vigil at my exhibition at Viewfinder Photography Gallery as part of a huge international day of action on climate change. We need a bunch of people to make it work. It’s going to be fun, short and super easy - will you come?

Events like this are happening simultaneously in every corner of the world just as our leaders gather in Copenhagen for the most important climate negotiations of our time. The message is: The World Wants A Real Deal - a treaty strong enough to tackle climate change and the destruction of the planet.

Come and join me! Bring a candle and something to share (cookies, cake etc.), I will serve tea.
This is also a great opportunity to see my 'Car Park: under cover' exhibition, if you have not been already...

Check out the event and RSVP here

If you can't make it to mine, check out this map showing events across the world

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