Sunday, 18 January 2009

Self Promotion through 2009 - A MUST!!

The past few months have not been easy for anyone in the commercial sector and, as we head into 2009, I think it's important to point out how crucial it is that you all promote yourselves as best you can. The LPA is your association: we are here for you. We can, and do, help members market themselves, exhibit their work, gain extra exposure and even appear higher up Google rankings. Please use us: we want to help you succeed.

Perception is very important in our industry. People want to deal with busy people so make sure you are on page one of Google for relevant search terms: it'll make it seem as if you've got loads going on, and more work will come from that!

This is just one of the areas in which the LPA can really help, but you have to keep us in touch with what you are doing. We regularly publish members' news and it is this text that Google's spiders pick up. The more news you have appearing about you on the internet, the more likely you are to appear on page one of Google, which will ultimately drive more traffic to your LPA portfolio and your personal website.

If you still need convincing that it's a good idea to let the LPA help you with marketing, here are some stories from members who have used the LPA's muscle power. They all got fantastic exposure which has made a positive difference to their careers. Will it be you next?

Photography by jane Chilvers

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