Saturday, 21 August 2010

Peter Adams Wins LPA Landscape Bronze

LPA Landscape Series Bronze Winner

Peter Adams's Bronze winning series are aerial photographs taken in Namibia. "This was the first time I've done any aerial pictures," he says. "I was blown away by the new perspective. The pictures here are some of the more abstract from the series; I was particularly enthralled by some salt works. The amazing colours and patterns reminded of the paintings of Mark Rothko."

Peter started his career in 1986, working for design studios, advertising agencies and corporate clients, before concentrating on travel photography. He was awarded Travel Photographer of The Year in 2003. He recalls a commission from his early days as a photographer: "I enjoyed an extended job for a company that made uniforms and work wear. The fire brigade were good enough to set up situations for me. We shot hunting clothes in great light on The Mendips and had great difficulty finding a suitable model for a 18 stone, 5’ 5’’ king of a small African nation! It was all good experience and a steep learning curve."

Peter currently has some limited edition fine art prints coming out through an international gallery. He is working on several ideas for a book (with the possibility of an accompanying exhibition) and hopes to base some of his forthcoming travel plans around these projects.

Peter Adams LPA Portfolio and Profile.

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