Sunday, 22 August 2010

Drora Bashan Wins LPA Urbanscape Silver Award

LPA Urbanscape Single Image Winner

Drora Bashan started embracing photography after 30 years in the jewellery business. Since 2006, she has been studying photography and participating in Masterclass workshops in Israel.

The image which won Silver in the single entry category of our Urbanscape competition was already in her portfolio, taken in Tel Aviv in 2008. "I took the shot after it had been raining," Drora says. "The sun came out, highlighting the puddles which remained in the middle of the street, displaying a typical reflection of the "White City" of Tel Aviv in golden hues."

This image has seen a lot of success: it was awarded First Prize in the Contrast Category in the "Pixrael – Tel Aviv 100" competition and open-air exhibition (Hungary, 2009) and has been part of a travelling exhibition in China since December 2009.

"I think the sequence of the separate puddles, and the gold reflections contrasting with the street stones, makes it a strong image," says Drora. "The merging of the street with the upside down houses is a 'reality' created by different worlds being momentarily united."

Drora enjoys taking part in competitions. "As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I really appreciate the feed-back," she says. "I enjoy exploring the themes, investigating my own work and looking at many wonderful photos by other photographers."

Drora's favourite subject is reflections. " My other passion is for details and looking at things from a close perspective, cropping them so they become unrecognisable," she says.

Drora Bashan LPA Portfolio and Profile Page

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