Sunday, 22 August 2010

Glenn Harper Wins LPA Landscape Bronze

LPA Landscape Single Image Winner

Glenn Harper shot the image which won Bronze in our Landscape Single entry competition during a trip south from Lochinver towards the Summer Isles. "I was driving on the 'wee mad road'," he says, "before taking the track up to the Fiddler. It is a suspense-filled walk, as each ridge reveals yet another until, after a few hours, you are rewarded with this magnificent view.

"I like big views, the sense of space. Your eye wanders across the scene, picking out the details and exploring. I enjoy making images where the viewer is invited to do the same."

Glenn's process consists of gathering the frames as the light plays over different parts of the scene. By blending several frames together, he condenses the experience of the environment in to a single image. "I think the landscape itself is foremost in this image," he says. "Compositionally, it is underpinned by strong diagonals which lead you in, coupled with strong contrast balanced throughout the frame creating a high level of detail in the far distance as well as the foreground."

Glenn works as a commercial photographer and enjoys shooting images for his own enjoyment through his personal work.

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