Saturday, 21 August 2010

Paul Gorman Wins LPA Landscape Competition

LPA Landscape Series Gold Winner

Paul Gorman's University tutor encouraged him to enter these winning images - created for a University project - into competitions. "He said my images would win, but I didn't take him seriously," he says. "But lots of people seem to like them and I am very proud I have created them." Paul is currently studying BA Honours in photography at AUCB in Bournemouth

The images were all taken at sunrise or sunset. "The light is amazing at that time and is best suited for landscape," says Paul. "The images are about how we interact with the surroundings and how we direct our vision to objects within the landscape. I wanted to create something that shows how our perceptions can change as we move around, and - through multiple exposures - show how these new perceptions merge with existing ones. I wanted to make the viewer engage with the work in a similar way to how we get a feeling of the sublime when we are in the landscape."

Paul was inspired by Picasso's attempts to show the flatness of the canvas by using lots of different viewpoints on the same images. "I thought it would be great to circle the tree or ponds and take a picture at various points around it," he says. "The backdrop builds up, creating a weird and wonderful world, almost like a dream scene that baffles and challenges the viewer. The more you look, the more you notice." The images were all taken with film.

After graduation, Paul hopes to travel in order to study the theme of human vision.

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