Saturday, 21 August 2010

Nick Kind Wins LPA Urbanscape Gold Award

LPA Urbanscape Series Gold Winner

Nick Kind took his Gold winning series of pictures as part of a project for a magazine in Melbourne, where he is based. "The idea was around contrasting landscapes," he says, "and it was my job to make the centre spread to represent the theme. This collection - titled 'Contrast and Reflection' - explores the transformative nature of rain."

Nick explains how living in Melbourne has changed his relationship with wet weather. "Watching Melbourne's continual progression into drought, rain has become something I look forward to, and something which has a fascinating playfulness in the way it transforms the city," he says. "All of a sudden, familiar surfaces are enlivened with a new personality, the water adding a sheen or creating a puddle and capturing reflections. These images present the viewer with something to work out. Many people have asked me what filters or textures I've used. They're always surprised to hear they were simply looking at a reflection."

Nick is a self-taught photographer who works as a graphic designer as well as a freelance photographer. After his first exhibition, he was appointed to teach a night course in Photography at the Richard Attenborough Arts Centre in the UK. "Teaching was a fantastic experience as it accelerated my own learning and appreciation of the art of photography," he says.

Encountering a recent patch of artist's block resulted in Nick's most recent exhibition 'Interference'. The images were well received at a prominent Melbourne gallery earlier this year. "This very personal and challenging show really taught me that it is possible to reconnect with something that you thought had been lost," he says. Nick now aims to secure a solo show to exhibit the 'Contrast and Reflection' collection of images and is working on a project to publish a coffee-table book of his recent collection 'Urban Trace'.

Nick Kind LPA Portfolio and Profile page.

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