Sunday, 22 August 2010

David Bowman Wins LPA Urbanscape Bronze Award

LPA Urbanscape Single Image Winner

David Bowman took his bronze-winning single image in Houston towards the end of 2009. "I'm not really a city person," he says. "Born and raised in rural Wales, I find them to be chaotic and oppressive. I was wandering around Houston looking for interesting subjects and wanted to find a way to convey my feelings about the place. I looked up at the skyscrapers towering around me. Rather than go for the usual receding towers shot, I decided to whip out my ND3 filter which allowed me to drag the shutter for 5 seconds. For four of those seconds, I kept the camera static. In the final second, I shook the camera which added some motion to the picture. I think that motion conveys a sense of chaos."

David trained in photography and audio visual communication and worked as a freelance photographer in the 1980s. He was an early adopter of digital in the late 1990s and began to focus heavily on fine art, travel and portraiture a few years ago. His current goal is to develop his portrait portfolio, enter a number of competitions and explore exhibition opportunities to explore, as well as add to his fine-art portfolio through traveling.

"I love to hear from photographers and those with an avid interest in photography and welcome anyone who wants to join me on Facebook at," he says.

David Bowman LPA Portfolio and Profile Page

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