Sunday, 22 August 2010

Jayne Dennis Wins LPA Landscape Silver Award

LPA Landscape Single Image Winner

Jayne Dennis shot her Silver award-winning single image at South Gare in Teesside. "The photograph soon became a historical reminder of what once was," she says, "when Corus Steelworks was forced to partially mothball its Teesside Cast Products plant, changing the lives of many local people. In the foreground of the image, we can see the historical fishermans' huts (most of which are still in use today), with the steelworks in the background.

"I’ve always had great interest in human impact on the environment. Although this image is fundamentally industrial, and has environmental connotations, the image still has a beauty about it. Emotional skies such as these feature a lot in my work, and capturing them is a real pleasure. The wild, dark mood emanating from a stormy sky often injects the perfect emotion into my photographs."

Jayne graduated this year with a Degree in Commercial Photography (with distinction) and is now pursuing photography in a professional capacity. She is also a Motion Graphic Designer and Art Director, with a career spanning over a decade designing, art directing and producing 2D and 3D animations and title sequences for television.

Jayne welcomes commissions particularly in the areas of portraiture, editorial and travel documentary. She is planning a trip to Far North Queensland Australia and traveling South to New Zealand at the end of 2010 and has several ideas for documentary projects which she plans to shoot along the way.

Jayne Dennis LPA Portfolio and Profile Page

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